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Every Sunday

10:30PM Onwards

UNO Club, Attard.



The Dance Island Presents Space: A Neon Party

Light up the dance floor and shine like a glowing, candy-colored jewel at this kaleidoscopic dance party extravaganza hosted every Sunday from 22.30 at UNO Club. Soundtracked to a pulsating playlist of reggaeton and poptastic beats, Neon Party events are one of Malta’s most exhilarating weekly celebrations.

Raise your hands in the air as UV lights blast across the venue and the club lights up like a firework. A team of lively animators is on hand to doll you up in extraordinary fluorescent paints and inks, so you can hit the dance floor looking like a day-glow dream. You’ve never experienced effervescence in fluorescence like this before.

UNO Club, Malta.

Uno Malta, Crafts Village, Ta’Qali, Attard ATD, 4000