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May to September

Boarding 6.30 PM
Departure 7:00 PM

Sliema Seafront, Malta.

The boat is called 'FAITH'

€60 (Full open bar)

Malta Boat Party - Summerlove

Malta Boat Party “Summerlove” is the most famous boat party in all of Malta! This is a party of 250 people with an open bar while traveling through the Mediteranean sea, a truly unique experience!

We start at 18:30 in the evening in the port of Sliema (meeting in front of Burger King) to board a boat with a capacity of 250 people. 

The open bar opens just as the boat starts sailing.

What does the open bar include? Rum, vodka, gin, beers, tequila, and soft drinks. You can order all kinds of drinks during the boat party. At the same time, the dance area opens where our DJ will start with reggaeton music and a variety of dance music. You can dance or watch the sunset with Valletta in the background in the chill area.

The trip will take about an hour and a half, during which time you can dance, drink or simply view the incomparable landscape that Malta offers you from our chill area.

You can bathe in its crystal clear waters, jump from the boat into the water or stay dancing on the boat. It’s up to you! Maltese food and fruit will also be served… remember, the hours of partying for the duration of the Boat Party, so you might want to get a bite to eat!

After some time dancing with the best DJs, bathing in the Mediterranean Sea, drinking from the open bar, and enjoying the views, we will return to the port of Sliema.

The boat, the music, the destination, the atmosphere of the party and the unique experience it offers, makes this party a “must-do” without a doubt when you visit Malta!

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Tips to help you enjoy the Malta Boat Party:

  • “I just get easily sea-sick on boats, does the boat rock a lot?” – Don’t worry, the boat is quite big and the Maltese waters are very calm. It would be quite difficult for you to get sea-sick since the boat rocks very little.
  •  Make sure to wear comfortable clothes – Remember that you are going to want to dance, bathe and drink – on a boat! So go comfortably dressed.
  • Be careful with your electronic devices – you will be in the middle of the sea and people will be swimming and jumping in the sea! Be careful with your phone or whatever you carry. If you can have a bag that protects your device from water, this would be ideal.
  • Watch out for heels! – Although the Maltese waters are super calm and the boat, being large, moves little, we are still on the sea. It might not be the day for you to wear your highest stilettos!
  • There are no changing rooms – Try to get your group to put all their belongings in the same bag to get everything under control. Although there are never robberies and there is enough security throughout the boat, the more prepared you are the better.
  • “When should I buy my tickets?” – The sooner, the better! Especially in high season as these trips do sell out. In summer the boat fills up quickly so keep this in mind.
  • Do you have a food intolerance? – Contact us and we will offer you an alternative menu.

Sliema Seafront, Malta.

Boarding from Sliema Ferries, in front of Burger King.